How To Offer Gift Wrapping To Your Customers & Boost Your Online Store This Holiday Season


Remember: The easier you make it for consumers, the most likely they are to return to purchase from you again. So why not check out using gift-wrapping services, and see how it can affect your bottom line?

Although numerous sellers provide holiday gift-wrapping services, the reality is that your consumers are buying gifts year-round. And particularly during times (like throughout a global pandemic) when it’s hard to provide presents face to face, lots of customers will appreciate having the alternative to acquire, cover, and deliver gifts with one click of the mouse.

Finding the perfect present is hard enough. The thought of wrapping it can be enough to throw even the most satisfied gift-giver over the edge. Your online shop can assist with the very first part of the formula, by offering customers terrific products at great costs. And if you can discover a way to assist with the 2nd part, by including a gift-wrap choice to your checkout, you can not only alleviate your clients’

No matter the occasion– a vacation, birthday, anniversary, birth, graduation, housewarming, or just because– absolutely nothing makes a present more unique than lovely present wrap. It must go without stating that if you provide gift wrapping services to customers, the packages you send out requirement to look first-class. Add a photo of a beautifully covered sample package to each product page or at checkout– anywhere the present wrapping choice appears. Ultimately, as you do more and more wrapping, you’ll probably want to sign up for an account with a wholesale service like PaperMart, Nashville Wraps, or WrapSmart. If you want to provide complimentary gift covering to customers, one method to consist of the costs is by setting a price threshold for the service.

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