Everything You Need To Know About Shopify POS Hardware: Cost, Where To Buy, & More


In the past, Shopify likewise used swipe-only card readers that plugged into the audio jack or lightning port. Note that these readers are no longer offered from Shopify’s United States hardware shop (though they are still offered in Canada). United States merchants can still use a previously acquired Shopify plugin swiper, however Shopify will not replace the reader if it quits working.

Shopify is also suitable with external payment processors (for an additional fee). If you utilize a processor besides Shopify Payments, you need to utilize the card reader you acquire or rent from that processor.

If your shop is not situated in the US, you will have different card reader choices; check Shopify’s aid center

to see your options. iPad Stands Shopify supports the following iPad stands and design numbers:

  • @Rest iPad Stand:HDAR2 or H234
  • WindFall Stand For iPad Air (& & iPad Pro 9.7 ″):HDWFA1 or H236
  • WindFall Stand For iPad Mini:HDWFM01 or H434

Shopify also offers its own branded iPad stands. If you wish to connect your stand to the counter, you can likewise acquire an optional installing set from Shopify.

Cash Drawers

Here are the money drawers and associated model numbers Shopify POS supports for US merchants:

  • APG Vasario 329:VB320-BL1616
  • Star Micronics 13 ″:37964220 and 37964180
  • Star Micronics 16 ″:37965600 and 37965590
  • Windfall Cash Drawer:HDWFCDA and H225

Receipt Printers

Shopify POS supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, and USB receipt printers, including the following:

  • Star Micronics TSP100IIIBI:39472110 (Bluetooth)
  • Star Micronics TSP650IIBI:39449871 (Bluetooth)
  • Star Micronics TSP100IIIW: 39464790 (Wi-Fi)
  • Star Micronics TSP100III LAN:39463110 (LAN)
  • Star Micronics TSP100USB:39461110 (USB)

Barcode Printers & & Scanners Many stores utilize barcodes for their stock items. With barcode printers and scanners, you can quickly print and scan 1D barcodes (basic barcodes) and likewise 2D barcodes (QR codes). As follows are the barcode printers and scanners Shopify works with.

Barcode Printers

  • Dymo LabelWriter 450:1752264
  • Dymo LabelWriter Wireless Printer:2002150

1-D Barcode Scanners

  • Socket Mobile S700:CX3360-1682 or CX3397-1855
  • Socket Mobile 7Ci:CX2870-1409, CX2895-1508, CX2885-1484, CX2883-1480, or CX2887-1486

2-D Barcode Scanners

  • Socket Mobile S740:CX3431-1881 or CX3419-1838
  • Socket Mobile 7Qi:CX3308-1528, CX3316-1536, CX3312-1532, CX3310-1530, CX3314-1534


Instead of acquiring your iPad stand, money drawer, and receipt printer independently, you can opt to purchase a Star Micronics mPOP ™ all-in-one set, that includes an iPad stand along with a combined cash drawer and invoice printer and internal power supply. Pick from the following models:

  • Star ® mPOP ™ Basic:39650211 or 39650011
  • Star ® mPOP ™ With Scanner:39650310 or 39650110


Shopify has several hardware packages for sale on its website. Purchasing a bundle can be a simple, affordable way to get all the devices you need and make sure you get the right things.

Here are all of the Shopify bundles and a list of what you get with each one. Note that none of the bundles include an iPad, and the Star packages do not consist of a card reader.

Shopify Retail Kit

  • 1 x Shopify Tap & & Chip Card Reader
  • 1 x Shopify Dock for Tap & & Chip Reader
  • 1 x Shopify Retail Stand for iPad
  • 1 x Shopify Mounting Kit
  • 1 x Shopify Mini Dock Cable

Customized Kit

  • 1 x iPad Stand
  • 1 x Cash Drawer
  • 1 x Receipt Printer
  • 1 x Chip & & Swipe Card Reader

In the Custom Kit bundle, you can pick the type factor of the stand to match your iPad as well as the color of your iPad stand, money drawer, and printer (black and white). I want this bundle included the alternative of a tap and chip reader to accept contactless charge card and ApplePay, but I expect you can simply acquire that individually from Shopify if you want to accept contactless payments.

Given that Shopify’s bundled hardware packages do include Shopify card readers, you should use Shopify Payments if you want to utilize among these bundles.

Star ® mPOP ™ Basic

  • Star Micronics mPOP ™
  • Universal tablet stand
  • Internal power supply included

Star ® mPOP ™ With Scanner

  • Star Micronics mPOP ™
  • 1D Scanner
  • Universal tablet stand
  • Internal power supply included

Since the Star mPOP packages do not include a Shopify card reader, you can use them with an external payment processor.

Which POS Hardware Works With Which Shopify Plan?

Shopify’s month-to-month software strategies can be complicated, so please read this area carefully.

All Shopify plans deal with Shopify’s card readers(tap and chip or chip and swipe), including lower-tier strategies, such as Shopify Lite($9/month)and

Basic Shopify ($29/month). The variation of the app you’re using with your strategy matters too. If you’re utilizing the older Shopify Classic version of Shopify POS, you’ll need to switch to the “Shopify” plan ($79/month) or greater to connect any other POS devices, including a cash drawer, invoice printer, or barcode scanner.

If you update to the “All-New POS” variation of Shopify, you can connect whatever hardware you want, regardless of which prepare you have. That means you can connect a money drawer, invoice printer, mPOP, etc., even if you’re on the $9/month Shopify Lite plan. Once you upgrade to the brand-new Shopify POS, you can connect any Shopify hardware on any Shopify plan. (You simply have to be on iPad or iPhone since the new POS isn’t readily available for Android yet.)

The new POS version also consists of the capability to track hardware connection for all of your Shopify POS hardware from within the app so that you can troubleshoot quickly.

One more thing to remember is that when you update to the new POS version, you will likewise automatically be upgraded to the new Shopify POS Pro subscription add-on, which is complimentary of charge through October 31. The add-on consists of sophisticated functions, such as limitless signs up and omnichannel selling features that include providing consumers the ability to purchase in-store and having the product delivered to their house. After October 31, you’ll be charged an additional $89/month (plus your Shopify plan costs) if you wish to keep the Pro subscription add-on, but as long as you remain on the new POS version, you’ll be able to keep your hardware integrations.

How Much Does Shopify Hardware Cost?

Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 bigstock Point Of Sale System For Retai 227403136 1024x683 Everything You Need To Know About Shopify POS Hardware: Cost, Where To Buy, & More

Below, you can discover pricing for different Shopify equipment from Shopify’s site. Depending on your setup, you can begin offering on your phone or tablet for little as $29. If you desire a full counter top register with a cash drawer, receipt printer, etc., you can conserve by buying a package, which you need to have the ability to get for somewhere around$ 500, plus the expense of your iPad. You have the alternative to purchase your POS

hardware elements individually or as part of a package. Shopify also provides the alternative to purchase certain hardware in regular monthly installments through Affirm Financing.

Shopify Card Readers

What Are My Choices For Shopify Hardware?

Shopify provides a variety of choices for hardware. Here is some information about supported POS equipment and devices.


Shopify POS is optimized for iPads for in-store selling and iPhones for mobile sales. There is an Android version of the app that you can operate on Android tablets or phones, however it does not have as many features or hardware options as the iPad variation or even the iPhone version. For example, you can’t process offline sales with Android, and the POS hardware packages Shopify offers are all produced iPads. You also can’t switch to the “brand new Shopify POS” version of the app unless you’re using an iPad or iPhone (Android users will need to use “Shopify POS Classic”). If you do choose to run Shopify POS on Android, make sure that whatever hardware you purchase can deal with your device.

Shopify does not sell tablets or ipads directly; you’ll have to purchase your tablet elsewhere. For the very best hardware compatibility, you’re going to want to buy the latest iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad Mini. If you have a lot of products and/or product variants, an iPad Air or Pro will supply remarkable speed, with the bigger iPads supplying the most processing power. For optimal efficiency, get the iPad Pro 12.9 ″.

Card Readers

If you process payments utilizing Shopify Payments in the United States, you can select from the following two Bluetooth-connected card readers, which should be sourced from Shopify straight:

You likewise can’t switch to the “all-new Shopify POS” version of the app unless you’re using an iPad or iPhone (Android users will have to utilize “Shopify POS Classic”). Below, you can find pricing for numerous Shopify devices from Shopify’s site. Yes, you can purchase Shopify-compatible POS hardware from a 3rd party, other than for card readers, which you must purchase from Shopify straight. One benefit of acquiring equipment directly from Shopify is that Shopify provides 24/7 support for that hardware and risk-free 30-day returns. You’ll likewise require to guarantee that POS hardware is compatible with your gadget, Shopify strategy, and Shopify version.

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