PayJunction Announces Payment Processing APIs to Help Software Developers Address COVID-19 Health Mandates


Developer APIs Limit Virus Exposure For Staff and Customers

Santa Barbara, CA, Aug. 6, 2020– PayJunction, a leading developer of payment processing innovation, has actually released designer APIs to further enable its completely contactless and cloud-controlled payment service.

PayJunction’s ZeroTouch Terminal, formally released in 2020, is the very first option that gets rid of the need for merchants to touch the very same gadget as customers. The ZeroTouch Terminal is client facing and is controlled by a REST API so it can be placed beyond a sneeze guard, thus preserving social range for any staff-customer interactions. In addition, signatures can be disabled via the API so physical exchange is gotten rid of and receipts can be delivered electronically. The REST API makes sure no exchange of sensitive data occurs, thereby keeping the designer out of scope of PCI.

Leveraging the PayJunction API, designers can create safe and secure, cloud-based services that are EMV licensed, limit PCI audits, and deal NFC support.

PayJunction uses software application designers:

  • Free terminal: Qualifying developers can order a free PayJunction ZeroTouch Smart Terminal for advancement screening.
  • API info: Developers can evaluate the starting documentation, API requirements, level 2 credit card information requirements, and other info by means of the PayJunction API Documentation page.
  • Increased security: PayJunction’s safe manual key entry minimizes the possibility of hackers getting to cardholder data, and simplifies the annual Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance validation process which varies depending on the kinds of systems, networks and processes you have in place.
  • Remote payments: To help companies that have shifted to a work-from-home or curbside services design, PayJunction has introduced the capability to email a client a demand for payment and from another location gather a signature consenting to the charges and business terms. Remote payments not just make sure that business is reducing infection direct exposure for staff and customers, however they also protect against challenged deals and chargebacks.

PayJunction’s ZeroTouch Terminal, formally introduced in 2020, is the first option that removes the need for sellers to touch the exact same gadget as consumers. The ZeroTouch Terminal is client dealing with and is managed by a REST API so it can be positioned outside of a sneeze guard, thereby keeping social range for any staff-customer interactions.: To help businesses that have shifted to a work-from-home or curbside services model, PayJunction has launched the ability to email a customer a request for payment and remotely gather a signature agreeing to the charges and organisation terms.

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