What Nonprofits Can Teach Small Businesses: Spotlight On NxNE Community Health Center


<aLet's put it his way: If nonprofits were a nation, they ‘d have the fifth largest economy in the world. “The think-pieces about nonprofits are developed around what can nonprofits learn from the organisation. There is an idea that nonprofit staff will be great with less pay because they are picking to work for a not-for-profit.

Let’s put it his method: If nonprofits were a country, they ‘d have the 5th biggest economy in the world. “The think-pieces about nonprofits are constructed around what can nonprofits find out from the company. There is a concept that nonprofit personnel will be great with less pay due to the fact that they are choosing to work for a not-for-profit. Services, like nonprofits, ought to have a commitment to their own objective and to racial equity work; that mission/vision needs to be a stated part of business culture. Possibly there is a future for business that is built more on cooperation and community and less on competitors, too: after all, there are numerous things the company world can find out from nonprofits like North by Northeast Health Center– they can show you how to apply for grants with your story front and center, your objective and services easily recognizable; they can demonstrate how to manage financial resources with mindful attention; they will advise you to pay your staff well and if you take somebody’s time in the neighborhood, pay them, too.

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