1 in 5 Small Businesses Don’t Accept Digital Payments, Despite Increased Demand During COVID-19


Jennifer Jancosekaccepts several forms of digital payment as the principal attorney of Jancosek Law, an estate planning firm in California. She agrees that digital payment options are crucial to retaining customers during the worldwide pandemic.

More than half of small company owners forecast they will have to permanently close their doors after three months of COVID-related restrictions. Expanding payment alternatives to accommodate consumer choices might act as a method to remain in the fight.

Consumers have rushed to digital payment options such as PayPal and Venmo to avoid the spread of COVID-19 during deals, however 19% of small companies can’t accept these payments. Small companies having a hard time to survive must accommodate new customer choices by adopting cashless payment choices.

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2020/ PRNewswire/– 19% of U.S. little service owners do not provide their clients a digital payment option at checkout, according to a brand-new study from Visual Objects, a visual guide to finding and hiring the best imaginative companies. As cashless payment options become more popular with consumers who are anxious about spreading the lethal infection, embracing digital payments may be vital to remaining in company.

“Those who decline to adjust to the existing situation might get left as customers shift to other services that are more responsive to their needs,” Jancosek said.

PayPal Top Digital Payment Platform for Small Businesses, however Venmo and Square Also Popular Due to Unique Benefits

Rivals such as Square (32%) boast a streamlined UX, while Venmo (22%) provides a social media-inspired user interface, and both Google Pay (19%) and Apple Pay (18%) deal increased mobile connection as advantages to adoption.

“If PayPal wasn’t fulfilling the requirements of our consumers and our organisation, then we would absolutely take a look at alternatives like Square or Venmo,” said Dan Riggs, president of Valley Tree Masters.

While it’s easy for small companies to attempt new payment apps, many are delighted to stick to a trusted choice, which prefers long-standing alternatives like PayPal.

Small organisations like Valley Tree Masters, a tree service business, would rather stick to PayPal than adjust to a brand-new system without a guaranteed return.

Numerous companies have actually discovered reliability and convenience in PayPal (63%), given its long lasting prominence in the e-commerce space and early increase to fame as eBay’s main payment processor.

Small companies are browsing for trusted, trustworthy payment alternatives that will raise their company and contribute in earning consumer loyalty.

Small Companies Are Hesitant to Adopt Cryptocurrency Due to Perceived Volatility

to visualize a company’s tasks, which helps you find the right design partner for your business. You would not wish to make a hiring decision without seeing a business’s quality of work– Visual Objects compiles this deal with one easy-to-use site. Media Contact Sydney Wess 240275@email4pr.com!.?.!( 202 )840-6690 SOURCE Visual Objects Related Links https://visualobjects.com/

Small companies confess that their doubts originate from cryptocurrency’s volatility in the market and an absence of customer need.

Read the full report: https://visualobjects.com/app-development/benefits-digital-payments-small-business. For concerns about the survey or discussfindings

, contact Sydney Wess at sydney@clutch.co!.?.!. About Visual Objects Visual Objects is a portfolio site that showcases work from top imaginative companies from aroundthe world

. Use Visual Objects

, a visual guide to finding and working with the finest imaginative companies. Check out the complete report: https://visualobjects.com/app-development/benefits-digital-payments-small-business., which assists you discover the right style partner for your company. You wouldn’t want to make an employing choice without seeing a business’s quality of work– Visual Objects compiles this work on one user friendly website.

In spite of the enjoyment surrounding cryptocurrency in the media, only 3% of small companies accept it as payment.

Visual Objects surveyed 500 small company owners and managers to gain insight into which digital payment options are most frequently accepted as customers move far from cash.

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