Salesfuel’s “State Of Media Sales” Study Shows Sales Teams Expect COVID-19 Recovery To Begin As Early As June

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WESTERVILLE, OH, May 19, 2020– A brand-new yearly research study shows while some media sales/executive supervisors are positive about emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic in the next 30-60 days, the pressures of the coronavirus and sales environment are creating nearly historical levels of misery and prospective churn for media sales teams.

These are just some of the findings in SalesFuel’s “2020 State of Media Sales” Study. SalesFuel, a leading company of sales, marketing, and management strategists, surveyed 820 self-identified media sales professionals in mid-April 2020 about the previous year and current, uncommon conditions. The results are a real-time eye opener to the current photo of the media sales environment.


by C. Lee Smith in Columbus, Ohio in 1989 with an easy objective: Sales are the earnings engine of your business; we provide the fuel. Through our distinct portfolioof

supervisors think their April income drop will go beyond 50 %. For March 2020, 33%of sales supervisors expected a 20% -50%hit to profits. Digital media sellers, those with profits streams of more than 50%from digital formats, were gloomiest about March with 46 %preparing for a 20%-50% hit to revenue that month. The average media home counts on digital for about 30%of earnings in general. Considerable information points about healing from COVID-19 include: 21%of respondents expect the economy to begin to recover

. The information, a few of it revealing severe task discontentment

, indicate a possible upcoming “brain drain”and exodus out of the space. Considerable data points consist of: 45%of media sales supervisors voiced their concern about a lack of basic sales talent or proficiency. Digital sales managers, with a rating

  • of 58%, are especially concerned about this topic. Some of motivational problems may stem from representatives ‘belief that it is harder to get new organisation(81%)or upsell existing accounts(70 %)than
  • it was last year. About 57 %of media sales experts say with total self-confidence( a score of 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 )that they will be working

, VP Communications– SalesFuel!.?.! 614-318-3771 About SalesFuel ®: Named as one of the Top 10 Sales Enablement Vendors for 2020 by Selling Power Magazine, SalesFuel ® was founded

  • in June. 18%state July and 16% state 2021. At least 21% of print sellers state they do
  • n’t expect to see the financial recovery up until 2021. For digital media selling, 24%likewise think healing won’t start until 2021. Current State of Media Sales Professionals April’s research study information reveals managers must look out to associate disappointment and stagnation

.”For more data on research study results on chances by vertical, communication style obstacles in prospecting, upselling and more, download our “2020 State of Media Sales Study” Special Report HERE MEDIA CONTACT: Audrey Strong

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