ClearSale Partners with Route and Midigator to Help Merchants Protect Revenue

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To register for the live webinar on May 26 at 2PM ET, click here. About ClearSale uses the most total e-commerce scams protection, combining innovative analytical technology with the world’s biggest group of customized fraud experts for a balanced, detailed, real-world approach. Relied on by over 3,000 consumers worldwide and promoting a 99% retention rate, ClearSale is the first company to use chargeback warranties and the largest business focused on international card-not-present fraud avoidance. ClearSale helps organisations prevent fraudulent chargebacks without disrupting the online shopping experience. As a result, clients can sell more, safely, even in challenging or vibrant global markets. More details at!.?.!¬†or follow on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter @ClearSaleUS. About Route Path is a one-click premium shopping experience for online buying and the only way to view all of your online orders, from any merchant, visually in one location. Online consumers can guarantee and visually track everything they order online in one central app. E-commerce merchants can include Route to their online store by enabling one-click options for their consumers for shipping insurance coverage, visual plan tracking, and one-click claim handling. Route has workplaces in both Silicon Slopes, Utah (HQ), and Los Angeles, California. To find out more, check out About Midigator thinks the difficulties of running a service needs to be providing fantastic product and services, not handling payment danger. That’s why the business became the first to utilize technology to avoid, combat, and examine chargebacks, providing a efficient and reliable alternative to labor-intensive, manual processes. Midigator’s technology eliminates the complexity of payment disputes so companies can return to company. Features like real-time reporting, labor-saving automation, and thorough analytics benefit services of all sizes in all industries.

Miami, FL, May 21, 2020– International scams security leader ClearSale ( actually announced a partnership with ingenious delivery tracking service, Route, and chargeback management service, Midigator, to educate merchants on safeguarding purchases made from their online channels. In an approaching webinar titled”Protecting Your E-Commerce Revenue from Order to Delivery and Beyond,” leaders from the three companies will offer insights to online sellers on how they can protect purchases and plans from end-to-end. The live webinar takes place May 26, 2020 at 2PM ET. Increasingly more consumers have actually moved their shopping online as an outcome of the existing international crisis. While a benefit for online retailers, it also produces intensified risks for merchants. Stolen package claims are on the rise, and retailers should be prepared to safeguard themselves from both fraudsters in addition to chargebacks. In addition, lots of clients are making purchases online for the first time, increasing the opportunity of incorrectly decreased purchases.

Fagan added, “Both e-commerce only and omnichannel merchants have an extraordinary chance to capture the attention of buyers but stand to lose a lot when chargebacks run rampant. No matter size, online retailers require to know that there are services that can assist them secure their earnings.”

The May webinar will include proficiency from executives from all three companies, including Adam Gardner, Route’s Director of Strategic Partnerships; Mike Fagan, Midigator’s Senior Partner Account Manager; and ClearSale’s Lourenco together with Vice President of Alliances and collaborations, Denise Purtzer. Guests will learn the resources readily available to safeguard their services, end-to-end, from a broad spectrum of e-commerce scams and customer care difficulties.

To sign up for the live webinar on May 26 at 2PM ET, click here. @ClearSaleUS. Route is a one-click premium shopping experience for online purchasing and the only way to see all of your online orders, from any merchant, visually in one place. Online buyers can guarantee and visually track whatever they purchase online in one centralized app. For more details, visit

“Consumer trust is a significant element of online sales,” said Gardner, “which suggests the purchase experience need to be clean and the consumer requires to receive their products. But we’ve seen a 130% jump in stolen package claims simply from February to March this year. Fraudsters are as active now as they are during peak e-commerce periods– and sometimes more so– which means that merchants need to do whatever they can to protect their current and future profits.”

“Normally, we’re concerned about the elegance of scammers when it comes to online deals,” stated Rafael Lourenco, EVP and Partner at ClearSale. “But now, with the huge uptick in online transactions, merchants need to now be conscious of both skilled scams efforts and the large volume of deals. Merchants require partners that can offer similarly ingenious services to deal with every element of e-commerce fraud.” ### Media Contact: Bonnie Moss Networks

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