What Is Square Online Checkout? Your Guide To Using This New Square Payment Option


Seen as an effort by Square to complete with the flexible eCommerce capabilities of PayPal, Square Online Checkout permits all potential online sellers– especially those who don’t have a full online shop and aren’t looking to build one– to accept payments from clients through an easy link. To produce a Square Online Checkout link, you’ll require to have a Square account. Whereas PayPal’s checkout buttons require the buyer to have a PayPal account, your customers will not need a Square account in order to make a payment by means of a Square Online Checkout link. If you’ve just set up a Square account to begin selling online, you can set up a subscription checkout link with Online Checkout to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments from buyers– all from a single link. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to set up a full eCommerce website, sell internationally, or if you want to take advantage of Square’s more sophisticated eCommerce features like discounts and tailored receipts, you might want to take benefit of Square’s other eCommerce tools.

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