The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies


What Is A Factoring Company For Trucking?

In the trucking industry, it’s typical to invoice customers. Even after the freight is packed and delivered, your company needs to still invoice the customer. Depending upon your payment terms, it can be days (and even weeks) until you get payment.

There are times when impressive billings trigger problems for your business. If you have multiple invoices that haven’t been paid, your service isn’t bringing in profits. A lack of money circulation can spell trouble for trucking companies– after all, you still have costs to pay. Thankfully, there is a solution that gives you instantaneous (or near-instant) access to impressive funds from your unsettled billings. That option? < a href="" > Invoice factoring for trucking

business. A factoring business for trucking pays you for your unpaid invoices in exchange for a little cost. Here’s how it works.

You offer your unpaid billings to a factoring company. The factoring company pays a percentage of the worth of the billings to you instantly (generally within a couple of service days). The percentage you receive in advance differs however generally hovers around 85%. Next, the factoring company takes control of in collecting payments on the purchased billings. When payments are collected, the remaining funds– minus a small charge, called a discount rate– will be released to you.

The benefits of invoice factoring are that you no longer need to wait 30 days, 60 days, and even longer to receive payments from your consumers. You likewise (in many cases) will not need to stress over your individual or business credit rating, putting up collateral, or meeting qualifying factors that play into other types of little organisation financing. Most elements think about the quantity and quality of your billings when identifying approval.

There are also a couple of downsides to note. A lot of companies charge a discount rate between 1% and 6% of the overall value of your billings per month. The longer your clients take to pay, the more this type of financing will ultimately cost your business. Like other types of funding, it’s essential to weigh out the cons and pros. While billing factoring for trucking business can get costly, the expense may be worth it if your service is facing cash flow challenges.

Not sure if invoice factoring is ideal for you? Inspect out our post A Basic Introduction To Invoice Factoring For Businesses to assist you comprise your mind.

The Very Best Trucking Factoring Companies

We’ve found the best factoring business for trucking that can help you get the funds you require for your company. Fleets, owner operators, and other trucking business can deal with capital concerns by selling their unpaid invoices to one of these recommended factoring companies.

1. Riviera Finance

Best for non-recourse billing factoring

Considering that 1969, Riviera Finance has supplied factoring services to little businesses throughout America, including trucking business. Riviera Finance will pay as much as 95% of your freight expenses– as much as $2 million– with payments released within 24 hours. The entire procedure is quite quick, only taking an average of 4 to 7 company days from the application process to funding. You can use at one of over 30 regional workplaces across the United States and Canada, or you can submit your application online. If you aren’t ready to apply right now, you can schedule a complimentary consultation to find out more about Riviera Finance’s factoring services.

There are no time at all in company, credit report, or earnings requirements to qualify. All you need are proven billings or freight bills. There are no regular monthly minimums in terms of the number of invoices or expenses you send, however you can be needed to sign a contract. Most services have 6-month agreements with Riviera Finance, although the business will work with you to find a service that’s finest for your organisation. Discount rate rates start at 2%, but lower rates might be readily available for your service.

Riviera Finance provides non-recourse factoring, so you won’t be on the hook if your clients submit for personal bankruptcy. You might still need to purchase back your billings in certain circumstances, such as if there was an error on the billing. One thing to remember is that Rivera Finance utilizes alert factoring, so your consumers will know that you are using a billing factor. If this is an issue for you, search for aspects that use non-notification services.


  • Non-recourse invoice factoring
  • Quick application & & financing processes
  • Receive as much as 95% of your unpaid invoices/freight bills
  • No credit rating, time in business, or profits requirements


  • Just provides notification services
  • Possible high discount rate rates
  • Contract required

Read our thorough review Jump back to comparison chart 2. BlueVine

Best for high credit centers

If your service has several impressive invoices and numerous high-dollar freight costs, BlueVine provides to $5 million through its invoice factoring service. The quantity that your organisation will be qualified to get is based upon a number of elements, including but not restricted to your credit profile, transaction volume, and the credit reliability of your consumers. To receive BlueVine’s invoice factoring, you should satisfy the company’s minimum requirements: a minimum credit rating of 530, month-to-month revenues of at least $10,000, and a time in company of a minimum of 3 months.

Through BlueVine, you can get approximately 90% of your unsettled invoices upfront. Discount rate rates start at 0.25% each week but can go as high as 1.7% each week. These charges can build up, however if your customers usually pay quite rapidly, the advantages of BlueVine’s billing factoring may outweigh the costs. This is particularly true if you require more funding than other factors provide.

BlueVine provides recourse factoring and both notice and non-notification services. Consenting to notification services might net you additional funds. There are likewise no contracts needed.

BlueVine works quickly to offer you access to funds. Initial approval takes about 24 hours, while the procedure of submitting billings, getting them authorized, and getting cash in your account may take around 3 business days. In addition to invoice factoring, BlueVine likewise uses company loans and credit lines to certified borrowers, which might open up more prospective financing chances for your trucking organisation.


  • High credit facilities
  • Fast & & simple financing
  • No contracts needed


  • Can be expensive
  • Should satisfy numerous requirements to qualify
  • Might have to accept notice services to receive more funding

Get Started with BlueVine Read our extensive evaluation Dive back to comparison chart 3

. Fundbox Best for companies that prefer a flexible line of credit Fundbox offers a distinct financial product called Net Terms. While it

is a little various from the invoice factoring provided by the other companies on this list, it’s another manner in which trucking business and other businesses can receive cash for unpaid invoices. Net Terms is noticeably various in a few ways, and it is very comparable to billing financing. The very first significant distinction is that Net Terms provides you with a versatile credit line approximately $100,000. Instead of a single loan, you can prepare to and including your set credit line as you need funds.

Another difference with Net Terms is that you aren’t offering your invoices. Instead, your unsettled bills and billings work more like collateral to back your credit line. This also suggests that funds aren’t repaid a quickly as your clients pay their billings. Instead, you’ll make weekly payments on the used portion of funds for a duration of 12 or 24 weeks. Paying your balance off early will assist you conserve money on fees. Charges for utilizing Net Terms begin at 4.66%. Net Terms is a non-notification service, so your consumers won’t understand that you’re using it.

The application procedure is fast, and many borrowers receive a funding choice in minutes. Once authorized, you can ask for funds and receive them as rapidly as the next service day. The application procedure is also incredibly easy and enables you to merely connect your invoicing software to figure out if you get approved for financing. To receive Net Terms, you need to have a savings account that has actually been open for a minimum of three months. Fundbox also requires its customers to have a personal credit rating of at least 500.


  • Easy application procedure
  • Fast financing
  • Versatility
  • Few borrowing requirements


  • Low credit facilities
  • Can be pricey

Get Started with Fundbox Read our in-depth evaluation Jump back to contrast chart 4

A Last Look At Our Top Picks

  1. Riviera Finance
    Summary – Best for non-recourse billing factoring
  2. BlueVine
    Summary – Best for high credit facilities
  3. Fundbox
    Summary – Best for businesses that choose a flexible line of credit
  4. Lendio
    Summary – Best for companies that want to compare their options

. Lendio Best for services that want to compare their choices. It’s constantly essential to go shopping around before acquiring little company funding.

Thankfully, you don’t need to invest hours behind your computer system screen comparing loan providers when you utilize Lendio. Lendio is various because it isn’t a direct loan provider. When you send your application, you’ll be linked to several factoring business so you can weigh out your options. Among the financial products you can apply to receive is accounts receivable financing. Through Lendio, you can get as much as 80% of your overdue billings upfront in just 72

hours. Loan terms are readily available for up to 1 year and aspect rates begin at 5 %. The specifics of your funding will differ based on the lending institutions you match with. Lendio is partnered with lots of top lenders, consisting of BlueVine and Fundbox. Borrowing requirements vary by lending institution, but one thing remains constant: collateral is not required and individual credit rating doesn’t play a

big role in whether you’re authorized. Lendio can link you with over 75 lending institutions in just minutes through its easy application process if you desire to compare alternatives. And if you desire other types of small company financing, Lendio has you covered, allowing you to look for out other choices consisting of devices financing, short-term loans, and more. Pros Competitive rates & terms Quickly compare loan options Easy & quick application procedure Cons Not a direct lending institution Just receive approximately 80% of receivables upfront< a class=" alt button

compare” href=”

  •” >

    Get Started

    • with Lendio< a href
    • =”

      > Read our extensive review

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      Factoring For Trucking FAQs< img

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      Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 truck driver The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies

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      Do I need a factoring business for trucking? Utilizing a factoring company may be a solution that works for you if outstanding invoices and freight bills are triggering money circulation concerns in your trucking service. You will have to pay a fee (or discount rate) for selling your billings to an aspect, you won’t be indebted to a lending institution like you would with other types of funding. That implies no long-term payments, additional fees, and challenging loaning requirements.

      Like other types of small organisation financing, it is necessary to carefully examine your choices and figure out if the expense of invoice factoring deserves it for your organisation. Do so if you can afford to wait to get paid for your freight expenses and invoices. However, if these delays in payments put your operations at risk or you need instant financing for an emergency or company expenditure, a factoring business for trucking can help your service.

      What are the benefits of dealing with a freight factor?

      There are a number of advantages of dealing with a freight element. With factoring, you don’t need to stress over conference stiff requirements for approval. While the majority of little organisation lenders take things like personal credit score and company credit history into account, the most common thing factors try to find is the quantity and quality of your billings. Simply put, how much are your billings and freight expenses worth, and are your customers most likely to pay?

      For brand-new companies, organisations with lower earnings, and owners with credit obstacles, factoring may be an option when other funding choices aren’t readily available. One thing to note is that requirements vary by lending institution, so make sure you’re conscious of the requirements prior to submitting your application.

      Another benefit of factoring is that you can get cash quickly. Unlike loans and other monetary items, there are no long waiting durations. Oftentimes, you can have your application and invoices approved and moneyed in a week or less.

      Since billing factoring isn’t a loan, you will not need to stress about paying back a loan provider over a longer amount of time. Rather, your billings are being acquired and the factor takes its cost as soon as your customers have actually paid. This implies that your service will not be in debt or have to make regular payments.

      What are the drawbacks of working with a freight element?

      There are some drawbacks of dealing with a freight aspect. The most significant is the cost. Discount rate rates can get quite high, and the longer your consumers take to pay, the greater your fees will be.

      Depending on the factor you choose, you might need to sign a contract. Breaking that agreement might result in additional costs. There may likewise be a set minimum for the number and/or amount of invoices you send, so make certain you completely comprehend all conditions prior to choosing your factor.

      Another disadvantage to note is that you may be accountable for unsettled billings. While non-recourse factoring secures you from liability when consumers apply for bankruptcy, there might be other instances where you’re held liable.

      Lots of aspects utilize notification services, which implies they engage with your clients. This might present a problem if you don’t want your clients to understand you’re utilizing a billing element.

      Just how much does trucking factoring cost?

      The cost of trucking factoring differs based on the business you select. Normally, expect to pay costs of about 1% to 5% of the billing amount. A range of elements may affect your rate, including the creditworthiness of your customers, the credit report of your organisation, and the volume of invoices you’ll send. In addition to your discount rate, there might be extra charges, including early termination fees for contracts.

      How long does it take to set up with a factoring business?

      Getting set up with a factoring company doesn’t take long at all. Most applications are simple and short to complete, and numerous aspects use same-day or next-day approvals. When your business is approved for factoring and your invoices are submitted, the element will normally verify your invoices before providing payment. This might take anywhere from one day to a number of days. Though, the whole procedure takes anywhere from 3 days to 5 days. Again, this does vary by element, so make certain you check turn-around times before applying.

      What should I search for when choosing an element?

      When choosing an element, it’s crucial to work with a respectable company that has a general favorable reputation with its consumers. Search for factors that offer excellent customer care and assistance. Ensure that the element you select deals credit facilities large enough to satisfy the requirements of your organisation. Look for business that offer non-notification services if you do not want your customers to understand that you’re working with an aspect. Finally, if you do not plan on using billing factoring over the long term, make certain that the element you choose doesn’t have minimums or need you to sign a contract.

      If you’re not exactly sure where to begin, take a look at our invoice factoring and financing reviews to find the element that’s the very best

      suitable for you. Last Thoughts On Factoring Companies For Trucking

      Unsettled billings and exceptional freight costs don’t need to be a problem on your trucking business. With billing factoring, you’ll have the ability to quickly deal with capital issues, even if you do not have best credit or are a newer business. Something to remember is that invoice factoring can get a little pricey, so make sure to completely explore your lender choices and weigh out the benefits and drawbacks of this type of funding before sending your invoices.

      If your trucking business needs extra money, invoice factoring is just one choice available to you. If you need extra funds to run or grow your service, consider getting a organisation loan for trucking companies. For fuel purchases, you can likewise use for a fuel credit card, which permits you to pay later on, and some cards even let you develop rewards. No matter which monetary path you select, make certain to check out our evaluations, contrasts, and other funds to assist you make the best decision for your trucking business. Best of luck!

      Learn More About Our Top Picks

      Read more below to find out why we chose these choices.


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      Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 freight trucking The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies As the owner of a trucking company, you’ve probably encountered your share of challenges. From motorist shortages to variable expenses like fuel and tolls, the market can sometimes be a bit unpredictable. One of the greatest obstacles dealt with by trucking companies, however, is waiting to get paid. You might potentially wait for weeks( or perhaps months!) to get payments from your customers. This can cause money circulation concerns that avoid you from growing your business or perhaps covering operating costs. There’s a method to get paid quickly to keep cash streaming into your company. If you have unsettled billings, give invoice factoring a shot. You can have access to immediate( or near-instant) money rather of waiting 30, 60, or 90 days for your consumers to pay. However what’s the catch? In this post, we’ll take a look at billing factoring for trucking companies. We’ll discuss how it works, who certifies, and the top loan providers in this space. Whether you operate a fleet, are an owner-operator, or are involved in the trucking industry in another way, invoice factoring might give you the capital your service needs. Continue reading to discover more about billing factoring and how to put it to work for you.

      Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 IMG 20180926 205807910 1 The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies
      Erica is an author based in Greenville, South Carolina. She is a graduate of Limestone College. At first determined to be an accounting professional, she put away the calculator and got a laptop computer to pursue her imagine being an author. Erica has actually spent the past 10 years composing blog sites and articles for hundreds of personal clients, and she likes sharing her love of research study and the written word with everyone around her.

      Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 IMG 20180926 205807910 1 The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies

      Clover POS Expert Insights 24/7 IMG 20180926 205807910 1 The 4 Best Factoring Companies For Fleets, Owner Operators, & Other Trucking Companies

      If you have overdue invoices, offer invoice factoring a try. You might still have to purchase back your billings in particular circumstances, such as if there was an error on the invoice. If your organisation has numerous impressive invoices and numerous high-dollar freight expenses, BlueVine uses up to $5 million through its invoice factoring service. While it

      is slightly a little various the invoice billing provided offered the other companies on this list, it’s another way that trucking companies business other businesses companies receive get money unpaid overdue. Once your organisation is approved for factoring and your billings are submitted, the aspect will usually verify your billings before releasing payment.

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