Blue Ridge Global Launches Price Optimization Solution


“Price Optimization combined with Supply Chain Planning services develops a big monetary video game changer for sellers, suppliers and makers in today’s unpredictable market,” said Jim Byrnes, Blue Ridge Chief Executive Officer. “It distinctively blends science and synchronization to fix our clients’ most significant problem– what they do not understand. With Price Optimization, our consumers have the insight to pivot rapidly and get considerable near-term savings; shape and line up longer-range S&OP processes; and regularly deliver prices that’s both competitive and rewarding.”

  • supplies: Comprehensive Pricing Strategy: Simulate various prices circumstances and anticipate the effect of a rate change prior to implementing it.
  • Competitive Positioning: Respond immediately to cost changes from competitors, along with supplier rules, segmentation, placing and cost modification frequency.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Purpose-built for the distribution and retail industries, Price Optimization’s intelligent science learns from price modifications and results gradually to progressively enhance cost suggestions.
  • Customer Segmentation: Identifies client efficiency, marking down and pricing opportunities based on previous and willingness-to-pay efficiency.
  • Quick Results: In under 90 days, businesses can have smart Price Optimization suggestions for attaining both short-term and long-lasting S&OP objectives, constantly refined every year.

“Distributors, sellers and producers have an unique challenge because manual or ‘cost-plus’ techniques to prices lack the flexibility needed to compete and are disconnected from client willingness-to-pay,” stated Cliff Isaacson, Blue Ridge Executive Vice President of Product Strategy.”Price Optimization examines both fast-selling essential products and occasionally offered, long-tail assortment products across all channels to assist identify the max profit point and make pricing decisions with confidence.”

Rate Optimization joins Blue Ridge’s suite of Supply Chain Planning solutions, which assist consumers increase projection precision, improve consumer complete satisfaction, and assure product accessibility to clients without creating a costly stock surplus.

Blue Ridge Rate Optimization

Click here for a brief video summary on Blue Ridge Price Optimization.

Blue Ridge Price Optimization quickly identifies both underpriced and pricey products while supplying precise suggestions for aligning costs across products, channels and rate points including wholesale, list and consumer sector.”Price Optimization combined with Supply Chain Planning options develops a substantial monetary game changer for sellers, distributors and manufacturers in today’s unstable market,” said Jim Byrnes, Blue Ridge Chief Executive Officer. “It uniquely mixes science and synchronization to resolve our customers’ greatest problem– what they don’t understand.

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