How Much Does Clover POS Cost? Everything You Need To Know About Clover Pricing


* Not a recommended Clover reseller

Normally, we advise buying your Clover system directly from or from a premium Clover reseller such as Payment Depot, Dharma Merchant Services, or National Processing.

How Much Does A Clover Credit Card Machine Cost?

Just like the cost of POS systems in basic, Clover hardware pricing depends in part on where you buy it, as well as which pieces of hardware you wish to include in your POS setup.

A Clover Station is the biggest, most complete Clover POS setup, and consists of 14 ″ rotating POS screen, money drawer, and invoice printer. The Clover Mini has a smaller swivel-screen and can be used by itself or with a Station. The Clover Flex is a handheld clever terminal with an even smaller screen that can also be utilized by itself or as part of a larger Station setup. Finally, the Clover Go is a mobile credit card reader that links to an app on your iOS or Android gadget. All Clover gadgets sync together so you can pretty much mix and match them however you like. For example, you might have a Clover Mini with a cash drawer as your main terminal, while likewise utilizing a Clover Go for occasional mobile sales. Or, you might simply utilize a Clover Station and

absolutely nothing else, or a Clover Flex with a Clover Mini, etc. The following costs are what you can get out of straight. Other Clover vendors differ in their prices, and we advise you do your research to compare prices to find the best

  • choices out there. Clover Station for any company: $1,399. Includes Station, money drawer, and invoice printer with customer-facing display screen and NFC. Consisting Of Clover Mini: $1,749.
  • Clover Station for full-service restaurants: $1,349. Consists of Station, money drawer, and standard invoice printer (kitchen printer sold individually). Consisting Of Clover Flex: $1,699.
  • Clover Mini: $749. Has integrated scanner and invoice printer but does not include money drawer.
  • Clover Flex: $499. Has built-in scanner and receipt printer but does not consist of money drawer.
  • Clover Go: $69. Consists of Micro USB charger. Charging dock cost an extra $29.

Extra hardware add-ons, such as scales, barcode scanners, cooking area printers, and debit PIN pads can drive the price up even more.

Various suppliers might provide lower rates on Clover hardware ( hardware costs are MSRP), however those lower prices may feature a catch, such as needing to sign to a long-lasting merchant services agreement for payment processing. Many Clover vendors likewise use the alternative to lease your Clover POS, however we never ever suggest renting your POS system. It’s always a better offer to purchase your system outright, or pay for it installments if the vendor provides 0%-interest funding.

To discover what each of the Clover hardware devices can do and which ones you require for your organisation type, I suggest reading our dedicated reviews of the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go. My post on The Best(And Worst)Companies To Get a Clover Credit Card Machine From likewise has more information on the various Clover hardware choices and how much you can anticipate to pay from various suppliers. Understanding Clover Fees For POS Software Clover charges month-to-month charges for its software application, letting you select from a number of various strategies that

offer different functions. You can likewise purchase extra software functions from Clover’s App Store. Here are Clover’s month-to-month software plans: Register Lite Plan:$14/month Best for services with charge card sales of less than$50,000/ year Flat-rate processing at 2.7 %+$0.10(if

plan is bought directly from Clover)Features

  • include: Accept all credit and debit cards, including chip
  • (EMV)cards Accept contactless(NFC)payments Track money payments Process payments when offline Send paperless receipts Accept on-screen signatures & suggestions Phone items, discounts, & tax Charge taxes at the product level Process refunds Theft protection( set employee authorizations) Employee management
  • (payroll, shifts) Export standard reports
  • (sales, tax, payroll)24/7
  • support Liability protection & approximately
  • $100,000 in the occasion of an information breach Access to 200+apps and integrations on Clover app
  • market * Monitor
  • activity, sales, & refunds from another location Track sales with item-level reporting * * Available on Flex, Mini, &
  • Station only Register Plan:$29/month Best for businesses with credit card sales
  • of more than $50,000/ year Flat-rate processing at 2.3%+$0.10(if
  • strategy is purchased straight from Clover )Includes everything in Register Lite strategy, plus: Robust stock management(items, variations, modifiers, & categories)*

Process exchanges Integrate & with a weight scale

* Pre-authorize charge card(for bar

  • tabs, appointments) Build your mailing list instantly * Read client
  • feedback, and reply with discount coupons * Create a simple, custom-made loyalty program * Fire orders to a cooking area printer or other stations Include gratuity to checks Manage tables * Available on Flex, Mini, & Station only Dining Plan:$69/month Best for full-service restaurants Flat-rate processing
  • at 2.3%+ $0.10(if strategy is
  • purchased straight from Clover)Includes everything in Register plan, plus: Floor Plans app: Build vibrant
  • layout that match your design Orders app: Set
  • up order types and categories; move or transfer orders; fire orders directly to kitchen or prep stations; include items to partially paid orders Apply service fee
  • to big celebrations
  • Split checks in

any percentage Run reports per profits center (patio area vs.

bar)Other bundled that come pre-installed: Bar

  • Tab Auths, Tips, Shifts, Discounts,
  • Happy Hour As you can see, the Register Lite strategy is best for really light, low-volume users who don’t need to do things like process exchanges, manage inventory, or accept pointers. For many retail or quick-serve services, the Register plan is best, especially
  • considering the lower rate for payment processing. Full-service restaurants may benefit from the Dining plan, however it depends on your needs; you might be fine with just the Register
  • strategy. Note that Clover used to use Payments Plus
  • , which was complimentary and more restricted in functions. That plan has actually been discontinued. Still,$14/month to$29/month is quite budget friendly for a POS, particularly considering that Clover doesn’t charge additional for additional

    registers or devices. Of course, Clover apps may contribute to the expense if you need specialized features. Again, most organisations will discover whatever they need in the$29/month plan. Note that while a lot of Clover providers offer Clover software services, those companies frequently charge their own markup on top of Clover’s regular monthly charges. How To Navigate Clover Credit Card Fees Clover is constantly used in combination with a merchant account, whether you buy it from or elsewhere. offers a flat-rate rates structure, where you pay 2.7 %+$0.10 or 2.3%+ $0.10 for all card-present deals(and3.5% +$0.10 for card-not-present deals, despite strategy). Clover’s flat-rate pricing scheme is straightforward and doesn’t include any extra merchant services charges.

    Typically, flat-rate processing works fantastic for little, low-volume businesses. The processing cost on the Register strategy( 2.3 %+$ 0.10)is quite competitive, specificallycompared to Square’s rate (2.6%+ $0.10 ).(Note that

    Clover merchant accounts are still based on underwriting and approval– make sure you read the small print as you sign up. )Not all Clover sellers provide flat-rate processing; some companies like Payment Depot offer interchange-plus rates, which might work better for

    higher-volume merchants processing more than$10K/month. Other less-desirable Clover vendors use tiered pricing or enhanced billback prices, which are both confusing and costly. And still other suppliers use flat-rate processing, however at rates greater than

    what deals. For instance, Bank of America sells the Register plan with 2.7%processing. How Much Should You Pay For Clover’s Point Of Sale System? All in all, most businesses can anticipate to pay somewhere around $1,400 for a total Clover Station setup , with a$ 29/month software application charge, and charge card processing fees of 2.3%+$0.10. As discussed, is a great place to buy your Clover devices and your system’s associated software application and payment processing account. However, choosing among the top-rated Clover service providers might also be

    a great bet. Whatever you do, are careful of sub-par resellers using pricey leases and tiered rates. Make sure you shop around and comprehend what charges are being taken in or passed onto you in other types if you do not purchase straight from Lastly, if you’re not 100 % sure whether you want to utilize Clover as your POS, you might also wish to examine some of the best Clover alternatives.

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