Amazon Pursuing Pay-With-Your-Hand Biometric Checkout Technology


The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is producing a system of hand-scanning terminals for sellers, with a concentrate on venues like coffeehouse with great deals of return consumers.

Creator and CEO Jeff Bezos comes from a background in the financial world, having worked for the hedge fund D.E. Shaw. Far, neither Bezos nor Amazon is commenting on the pay-by-hand plans. The business reports its fourth quarter results on Jan. 30.

CNBC noted how the advance meshes with Amazon’s increasing push into financial services, including an expansion of Amazon Go shops, where consumers make purchases without a checkout process, in addition to Amazon Pay, the voice service.

Those customers who desire to move beyond Google Wallet and Apple Pay to the next world would set themselves up for pay-by-hand by initializing a link between a debit or credit card and their special handprint, according to the WSJ, discussing it may involve putting a card in a terminal, and developing a hand scan linked to that card. After that, the hand pays.

Amazon is working with Visa and Mastercard on the hand-scan terminal process, according to WSJ, including it just recently filed a patent application for a “non-contact biometric recognition system” that consists of “a hand scanner that produces images of a user’s palm.”

Amazon latest expansion into the customer biosphere will make it possible for brick-and-mortar buyers to spend for purchases with a simple wave– or scan– of their hand.

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