Zelle For Business: What Small Businesses Need To Know About The New Money Transfer App


Here’s a screenshot of the Bank

of America Zelle signup page( customized for privacy/security issues): What Types Of Transfers Are Allowed On Zelle? In order to utilize Zelle for service, you should bank at a Zelle member bank and send out and get cash to only those who also bank at a Zelle member bank. Like all ACH transfers, there is otherwise no defense for scams, so most banks alert Zelle users to only send out cash through Zelle to celebrations they trust and carefully guard access to the Zelle account in the first location. Due to the fact that eventually your bank controls how many services they

wish to provide through Zelle and how much they wish to charge, constantly double-check with your bank prior to you start any large-scale uses of Zelle. Just offer the email or cell number you’ve associated with Zelle on your billing and let your clients know you can take Zelle.

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